How a Fool Responds to Suffering Job 2:4–10 Look at the Book by  John Piper

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How a Fool Responds to Suffering

Job 2:4–10

In this lab, John Piper reminds us that we have a refuge in times of trouble, safety amid life’s storms. Only a fool curses the shelter and runs into the eye of the storm.

Some questions to ask as you read and study Job:

  1. Do you know people who walked away from God because of suffering? What did they believe about God that led them to reject him?
  2. Watch the lab. What was Job’s wife’s error? Why were her words so foolish?
  3. What might you say to someone who is on the verge of walking away from God in response to their suffering?

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Principle for Bible Reading


When you see LORD spelled in all caps, it signifies the use of God’s personal name, Yahweh. Revealed in Exodus 3:14 (“I AM”) this name is not a generic title (e.g. king, boss, president) but his personal name (e.g. John, Paul, Peter) given to those in covenant with him.

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